M54 MOCET Mobile App for IG7600
Turn smartphones into your office phones
Use you smartphone as a cordless phone

With M54 App installed on your smartphone, it instantly becomes another extension of your office phone. It allows you to freely move around in the office or be completely away to another country. By redirecting your desktop extension to your M54 extension means the caller can reach you if you are on desk or away. It also means you can make outgoing calls from your office number without been in your office.

Let you check voice mail from anywhere

To check your voice mail from anywhere, even away in some other country, just enter your password and start listening. You can also check the message left on your desk phone. To do that, please enter the extension number of your desk phone and password.

Become your office extension at home or away

To have access to corporate network from home or anywhere else, all you need is smartphone with Internet connection via WiFi or 3G. Simply install M54 on your smartphone and register it to the IG7600 in the office. Now, being at home or anywhere else, you can start making and receiving calls via your company's land- and SIP lines, transfer and forward calls to office extensions, create conference calls, and check your corporate voice mail.

Help to save roaming charges

By using your M54 extension you can easily reach whoever you want without paying a penny of your own money for that. When you are out of office or even out of country, as long you are in a good WiFi or 3 or 4G coverage area you can make or receive call as if you are in your office. This means you will not be required of any unnecessary roaming charges.

Access to real time video surveillance in your office

All 16 smartphone extensions registered on IG7600 have access to the real time video surveillance function. Simply start M54 on your smartphone, go to Functions and press IP camera. You can choose a camera that you want to see and even change the angle of your survey. To do that, simply press your finger over the phone screen and drag it in the direction you want your IP cam to start moving.

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