Comparative test for children's scooters: these 20 pieces do not meet the standard requirements


Children's Day is coming soon. Is the child scooter you bought for your child safe?

The Municipal Consumer Protection Committee conducted a comparative test on 42 children's scooters in the circulation field of the city today, and found that 20 samples did not meet the standard requirements: 1 the end of the handle was too thin, and the diameter of the end of the 10 sample handles was less than 40 mm; 21 samples lacked the riser The locking device, 5 samples of the riser strength is not up to standard; 36 samples contain dangerous round holes, 7 samples contain dangerous pinch gap; 41 samples have metal profit edges and small parts, and 1 sample has battery design defects. In addition, some samples have a lack of warning or label identification is not standardized, according to the Chinese kids scooter factory Angel Lime.

In addition, this comparison test also found that some samples have a lack of warning words or label identification is not standardized, such as the lack of warning signs such as adult assembly, small parts, lack of battery identification, instructions for use, non-rechargeable batteries can not be charged, etc. No vendor information, Chinese logo, etc.

Consumption tips

1. Select a product with a formal logo. When purchasing a scooter, you should carefully check whether the product manual and logo are complete, including the manufacturer's name, address, product name, model number, safety warnings, instructions for use, etc., and for children according to the applicable age and maximum load of the goods. Pick the right scooter.

2. Check the goods carefully before purchasing and using. Focus on the handle, the riser, the wheel, the brakes, the accessories and other accessible parts, suggested by the professional China kids scooter factory. The riser should be strong enough and the locking device is normal. The scooter with a maximum load of more than 20kg should have a brake device. The surface of the product should not be visible. The edge of the profit should not have round holes or gaps that are equivalent to the thickness of the child's fingers. The folding, steering wheel and other devices should not be significantly deformed.

3, pay attention to care when using. In the process of using the scooter, children should be kept away from the traffic channel and the driving vehicle, and protective equipment such as helmets and elbow guards should be worn to prevent accidents.